More cross-border

In 2021 we strengthened our position as an e-com platform specialising in cross-border sales in 15 EU markets plus Russia and Ukraine.

55 million and 155 thousand transactions

We realised close to PLN 55 million in turnover (nearly 70% abroad), handling 155,000 transactions with a 60% year-on-year increase in sales profitability.

CEE countries

We strengthened sales in the Czech, Slovak, Slovenian and Hungarian markets by more than 150%, mainly thanks to our cooperation with Mall and the Alza platform (the largest in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), which uses its own delivery logistics, requiring us to set up a special cross-dock warehouse.

Russia and Ukraine

In 2021, thanks to our cooperation with Ozon, Rozetka and Prom platforms and the refinement of customs-logistics processes, we started selling thousands of products on the Russian and Ukrainian markets.


In Q4, after many months of preparation, we implemented a comprehensive e-com strategy for Pepco. We are handling the entire process, from preparing products for online sale (photos, descriptions and parameters), displaying and promoting products on the largest marketplace platforms, to customer service and warehouse logistics.

100 million in 2022

In 2022, we will focus on growing the business and developing the organisation. We have strong assets: a unique business model, a professional team and also very strong growth opportunities in a pan-European model.

In 2022 we will focus on launching sales on new platforms and markets and acquiring new manufacturers and distributors. In recent weeks alone, we have launched and are servicing online sales for Pepco, Eurofirany, TOP Secret, Jarstol, Vivaldi and Dutch distributor TWM, among others. In total, we are in the process of launching sales of over one million products in various categories for more than fifty companies across Europe.


In 2022, we also plan to launch a subscription-based sales service on marketplace platforms in CEE countries.


Today’s projects will determine the future valuation of shumee and the strategic options available. IPO and listing of shares on the stock exchange has a number of advantages and opens up a lot of business opportunities. Therefore, it is one of the possible strategic paths for our development. We will make a decision among shareholders in 2022.

Thank you Team shumee for 2021 and I strongly believe that 2022 will be a breakthrough for us.

More about us:

Shumee is an e-commerce platform for businesses across Europe. We enable online cross-border sales in 15 EU markets plus Ukraine and Russia. We operate through 35 largest European marketplace platforms.

 We offer comprehensive technology, service and logistics solutions. These are dedicated to European manufacturers and distributors who want to smoothly launch online sales in European markets and reach several hundred million customers in their local cultural and business context, i.e. multilingually and through local platforms, payment and delivery forms. We already provide support along the entire e-commerce value chain.

Currently, shumee sells products on its own account as a merchant – more at At the beginning of 2022, we are also planning to launch a service for small and medium-sized e-shops from Poland and Europe to service sales on marketplace platforms as a subscription service.

Our strategic objective is to build a comprehensive integrator of the European e-commerce market. We will provide e-shops with the technology to integrate with marketplace platforms and courier companies, registration on platforms and automatic translation of product descriptions, one-stop-shop order processing, automatic information flow and customer contact. In addition, multilingual service and optimised delivery logistics in the cross-border model and access to products in the dropshipping platform formula, i.e. by taking over the entire dispatch process for the goods sold.

Today, as part of our ecosystem, we enable our customers to sell in over a dozen European countries. They currently offer over one million unique products, and include brands such as Pepco, BRW, Homla, Forte and the largest European dropshipping platforms.