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Digital foreign trade HQ in Q1 2022

Digital foreign trade HQ in Q1 2022

In Q1, Shumee launched subscription-based cross-border sales service on over 20 marketplace platforms on 17 European markets.

The solution enables producers and distributors to quickly start selling on European markets through technological integration and registration of accounts on platforms, using translations and automated imports of products, multilingual customer service, order management and delivery logistics based on a network of cross-dock warehouses at the borders. We are currently working on a user-friendly dashboard for our partners that will allow them to automatically select markets and platforms and start selling cross-border in Europe.

The new website

We have also completed the first stage of rebuilding the website in order to clearly present to our partners from Europe and Asia the business model of our digital foreign trade HQ and to enable registration, as well as quick start of sales in new markets.

PLN 16 million and 60k of transactions

In Q1 we have realized over PLN 16 m of GMV, servicing 60k of transactions. This is 75% more y/y despite the shutdown of sales on the Russian market, the suspension of business in Ukraine and a drop in sales in CEE countries within two weeks of the outbreak of the war.

In Q1 this year, we focused on:

a) launching sales on new markets and platforms (including those in Romania on eMag, Okazii i Cel and in Italy on ePrice),

b) acquiring new producers and distributors (including DUKA, Homla, Eurofirany, MSY, Kringle, Annapol),

c) including Mall platform delivery option on the Czech market,

d) the increase in the profitability of sales.


In the first quarter of this year, we developed a comprehensive e-com strategy for Pepco, focusing on the quality of customer service and optimization of the process of preparing products for sale and warehouse services. For Pepco, we comprehensively service the entire process: from preparing products for online sale (photos, descriptions and parameters), listing and promoting products on the largest marketplace platforms to finally providing customer service and warehouse logistics.

100 m PLN in 2022

In 2022, we will continue to focus on growing business scale and expanding sales in new markets and platforms.

More about us

Shumee enables online sales of products in the cross-border model on 17 European markets. We operate through over 20 of the largest marketplaces.

We offer comprehensive technological, service and logistic solutions. They are dedicated to producers and distributors who want to efficiently start selling online on European markets and reach several hundred million customers in the local cultural and business contexts, i.e., taking into consideration multilingual layouts and through local platforms, offering familiar payment and delivery methods. We are already providing support along the entire e-commerce value chain.

Currently, as part of our ecosystem, we enable our clients to sell in several European countries. They offer over two million unique products, including brands such as: Pepco, BRW, Homla, Duka, Forte, Miloo, Beliani, TOP Secret or Eurofirany, as well as the largest European dropshipping platforms.