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🛒Why sell on Pigu?

Baltic champion

Pigu is a rapidly growing sales platform that operates in the Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Each market has its own dedicated service. Despite being smaller markets, this Lithuanian marketplace is experiencing strong growth. In recent months, Pigu has been actively seeking sellers from areas outside its traditional markets.

Multilingualism a prerequisite for presence in markets

One of the main advantages of using PIGU is the ability to enter 4 different markets immediately. This, however, comes with some additional requirements, requiring us to prepare as many as 5 different language versions for descriptions and titles. You may ask, why 5 when we are talking about 4 markets? Well, due to the large number of potential customers who speak Russian, PIGU requires not only content in the local language, but also in Russian.

Logistics key to success

Vendors have the option of delivering products to customers themselves or using Pigu's logistics system. In the latter case, the product must arrive at a warehouse in Poland and have a special label. In the next stage, Pigu takes care of transportation directly to the customer. Such a solution is not only convenient, but also very economical, as Pigu's logistics costs are much lower than standard ones.

Different sales charge models
As with most marketplaces, the basic billing model is CPS (cost per sale) - or commission per sale. Logistics prepared by PIGU are paid separately, its cost is a few euros per package, depending on the market and the weight of the package.
Do you want to start selling on Pigu?
Do you want to start selling on Pigu?

What do we offer?

5 languages in one service

PIGU gives access to 4 markets, but to use it you need to prepare a translation into 5 languages. In addition to the description and title, you also need to prepare the parameters of the products. We will help you prepare the product file, as well as integrate your products into the PIGU system.

Order processing
We ensure constant communication with the customer through email, telephone contact and through internal messaging on sales platforms - both before, during and after delivery. We track shipments and provide tracking codes, ensuring transparency in the delivery process. We provide support in the case of returns and complaints, and contact platform support in case of problems with maintaining service quality. In addition, we assist in the transaction settlement process to ensure the smooth circulation of finances.
Shipping from PIGU
As we mentioned earlier, PIGU has prepared a great logistics solution. We will help you with its configuration and daily operation. You don't have to worry about anything.
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