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Here you can quickly and conveniently find answers to questions about our services or products. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions and provided comprehensive answers to them. However, if you do not find the information you are looking for here, please contact us.

After analyzing your needs, potential and competitiveness of your products, you will receive recommendations from our consultant on sales strategy: preferred markets and platforms, information on translation, customer service, order transmission and courier logistics.

We register your reseller accounts on the platforms of your choice and integrate your product feed with our system so you can manage pricing and inventory online. We then translate the names, descriptions and other attributes of your products, map categories and parameters, and decide how to transfer orders (API, imports).

You decide whether you want to ship products yourself or use our network of cross-dock warehouses at the borders process-adapted to the requirements of platforms such as Alza and Mall, for example, cash on delivery (CoD) in CEE markets, and customs handling of shipments to Russia and Ukraine (suspended markets).

If you do not have experience in warehouse logistics or do not want to deal with it, we offer full-service fulfillment. Your products will go to our warehouse, and we will holistically handle not only sales and customer service, but also warehouse and courier logistics.

We publish your products on the markets and platforms of your choice and start selling in a cross-border model. Now you can diversify and scale your business in new markets. Our business is to grow yours.

We will integrate your products with the largest platforms in 20 European markets. Our technology provides: integration with 20 platforms and technical maintenance of accounts, automatic translations of all product attributes, matching of your product categories to the standards of each platform, product imports to platforms, price and inventory updates, and order retrieval via API, files or CRM system.

We will translate and display your products in 15 European markets. After integrating your product feed with the central product database, our system will translate the names, descriptions and other attributes of your products. We will then automatically map the categories and parameters of your products, matching them to the standards of each platform. Finally, we will systemically import the products to the platforms of your choice. We have experience in translating, mapping and importing more than 2 million auctions from various shopping categories on more than thirty platforms.

Our multilingual contact center has pan-European experience and provides: handling of all customer inquiries (by email, phone and through internal messaging on the platforms) - before, during and after the purchase; tracking of shipments and transmission of tracking codes; customer support in the area of returns and complaints; ongoing contact with platform support in case of problems (drop in quality of vendor ratings, warnings and blocking) and assistance in clearing transactions.

At your disposal is our network of cross-dock warehouses to accommodate local delivery and returns handling standards, and to optimize shipping costs and times. Our network of cross-dock warehouses at the borders is process-adapted to meet the logistics requirements of platforms such as Alza, Ozon and Mall, for example, cash on delivery in CEE markets (still more than 30% of orders) and customs handling of parcels shipped outside the EU zone, i.e. to Russia and Ukraine (suspended markets).

Jeżeli nie masz doświadczenia w logistyce magazynowej i kurierskiej lub nie chcesz się tym zajmować, oferujemy pełny zakres fulfilment. Twoje produkty trafią do naszego magazynu, a my całościowo zajmiemy się nie tylko sprzedażą i obsługą Klientów, ale także logistyką magazynową i kurierską. Zapytaj o ofertę.

You will receive the care of a dedicated advisor, access to sales analytics, as well as evaluations of your performance and recommendations for possible changes in distribution strategy in European markets.

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