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Czech e-commerce platform operating in four Central European countries. 

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Customers served
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🛒Why sell on Alza?

Alza - a close alternative to Allegro

Alza started as an online electronics store. With its uncompromising approach to the customer, it won over a crowd of loyal and faithful users. A few years ago, Alza expanded its offerings to include products from third-party partners. Since then, it has also become a recognizable and highly profitable marketplace.

High margin

The Czech market is receptive and higher-margin than the Polish market. The share of e-commerce in the Czech Republic will grow from 15% in 2020 to around 20% in 2025. This is what CBRE forecasts, putting the country in 3rd place in terms of online sales growth in Europe (after the UK and the Netherlands). Moreover, the Czech e-commerce market has not been dominated by the big players.

Alza Delivery

Alza is one of the few marketplaces with its own logistics network based on pick-up points. It is worth taking advantage of it, because the products included in the delivery carried out by Alza, have more exposure on the platform which directly increases sales (up to 50%!). 

Two in one

By adding products to the Czech platform, Alza will automatically list them on the Slovak market as well. Importantly, the currency conversion, but also the translation into Slovak, is done on Alza's own side.

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What do we offer?

Product selection
ALZA is one of the few marketplaces that selects the products that will be on offer to customers of this Czech marketplace. Not every product will be accepted. Using the experience of our specialists, we are able to select products and save time in listing only those products that are likely to be accepted.
Order processing
We ensure constant communication with the customer through email, telephone contact and through internal messaging on sales platforms - both before, during and after delivery. We track shipments and provide tracking codes, ensuring transparency in the delivery process. We provide support in the case of returns and complaints, and contact platform support in case of problems with maintaining service quality. In addition, we assist in the transaction settlement process to ensure the smooth circulation of finances.
ALZA Delivery and pick-up points
ALZA pickup points determine sales performance. Having pickup points on offer increases sales by 30%. However, you can't turn them on by shipping products directly from Poland. Fortunately, as part of our offer, we will provide you with the opportunity to use our Polish warehouse, which will transport the products and transfer them to the Alza logistics network.
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