Vivaldi Meble – another Polish furniture manufacturer in Shumee’s portfolio

Shumee has started cooperation with Vivaldi Furniture on online sales in European markets.

For almost 20 years, VIVALDI MEBLE has been offering high quality furniture at affordable prices with a modern design –

‘The Shumee cross-border platform sells Vivaldi Meble products on Polish marketplace platforms such as: Allegro, Erli and Arena and on the German Kaufland. In the coming days, sales in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary will begin. – notes Tadeusz Marciniak – account manager responsible for cooperation with manufacturers and distributors in Shumee SA.

Shumee is a pan-European e-commerce ecosystem that enables cross-border online sales in 15 EU markets plus Ukraine and Russia through 35 major marketplace platforms.

Shumee offers an end-to-end technology, service and logistics solution dedicated to manufacturers and distributors who want to start selling online in European markets and reach millions of customers in a local cultural (multilingual) and business context (local platforms and payment and delivery forms). Shumee provides support along the entire e-commerce value chain and enables online sales to approximately 500 million customers across Europe.

Shumee also operates a dropshipping platform on the Czech market – Additionally, in the coming months, shumee plans to launch a subscription-based service for sales on marketplace platforms in CEE.

Within the shumee ecosystem, more than 1 million unique products from manufacturers and distributors such as PEPCO, BRW, Homla, Forte or TOP Secret are on sale regularly across Europe. The number of transactions handled is growing dynamically and currently reaches 40 thousand per month.