Shumee on

We are very pleased to announce that Shumee has entered into a partnership with a renowned Slovenian electronics shop – This new partnership will enable us to reach even more customers in Slovenia. We would like to present you with some basic information about the platform.

Information about is one of Slovenia’s leading electronics shops, which was founded in 1991. The platform enjoys great popularity and recognition among customers, offering a wide range of products. is also a network of stationary shops that plays an important role in e-commerce in Slovenia. Customers appreciate the professionalism, high quality service and attractive prices that guarantees.

Own integration with

When cooperating with, Shumee uses its own integration, enabling us to sell our products on this platform. Thanks to our dedicated integration, we have full control over the sales management process, product and order synchronisation and stock updates.

From November 2022 – marketplace on

The important news is that has become a marketplace from November 2022. Significantly, the decision to open a marketplace was driven by the desire to also expand the product range to include categories in which has not previously traded – such as home and garden or clothing. Shumee is delighted to join the ranks of sellers on and we are confident that our innovative offer will be of interest to customers. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with and to developing our presence in this dynamic market. Importantly, BigBang plans to expand the marketplace to markets such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in the near future.

Another foothold in Slovenia

The launch of Shumee on the platform is another step in the development of our business in Slovenia. Until now, all our sales in Slovenia have been centred around the platform from the Allegro Group. has so far been the dominant marketplace in Slovenia. We hope that the emergence of competition will have a positive impact on our and our partners’ results. It is worth noting that, also originally was an electronics shop, time will tell if BigBang will repeat the success of We expect a fruitful cooperation with, which will benefit both our brand and our customers.