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Cross-border e-commerce grows 2x faster than local e-commerce. Cross-border reached a value of around €220 billion. Still, only 10% of companies sell online abroad, but at the same time the rest declare their intention to launch cross-border sales in the next two years.
In 2022, we realised PLN 60 million in revenue and PLN 0.5 million in profit, handling 172,000 transactions. This is nearly 40% more year-on-year, despite the exclusion of sales in the Russian market, the suspension of business in the Ukraine and a decline in global e-com dynamics in 2022, which is linked to the exhaustion of the premium pandemic from previous years.

We are integrated and sell on more than 50 European platforms of the marketplace across 20 markets.

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At the end of 2022, we signed a partnership agreement with Zalando. Our aim is to launch and scaling sales of Polish manufacturers in the fashion and beauty category on the Zalando platform across Europe as a whole.

We provide comprehensive support for companies to expand abroad. The offer makes it possible to quickly launch and develop cross-border sales on foreign marketplace platforms, particularly on the marketplace, in particular on the Mall platform in the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Slovenian markets.

In 2022, we launched a new subscription sales service on 50 marketplace platforms in 20 European markets. The solution enables manufacturers and distributors to quickly start selling overseas on their own account. Shumee, as part of subscription, Shumee performs technology integrations, account registration on the platforms, translation and product listing, multilingual customer service, order management and logistics deliveries based on its own network of cross-dock warehouses at the borders.

In 2023, we will continue to focus on dynamic business growth through the development of sales on new markets and platforms (including Trendyol, Hepsiburada, AliExpress, Joom, Pigu, AboutYou, Worten, FNAC, B&Q, Heureka, Otto, Bol, Auchan or Leroy Merlin) and acquiring more partners interested in cross-border sales.

It is cross-border e-com that, after the pandemic, the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the economic downturn economy is now becoming a necessary part of the strategy for many companies. A quick launching cross-border sales can save many companies from stagnation and even bankruptcy in a situation of declining economic growth in many European markets. At the same time, business and cultural barriers, the diversification of markets and a lack of education on cross-border mean that many companies lack the competence and resources to start selling cross-border on their own.

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