Shumee and ALLTO SPORT

We are pleased to announce that ALLTO SPORT, one of the largest suppliers of sports equipment in Poland, has joined the ranks of shumee platform partners.

ALLTO SPORT is more than just a distributor. The brand’s ambition is to be a modern company that constantly improves its products and provides goods of the highest quality. When building a competitive advantage, they follow the motto: “The true spirit of sports.” They use this motto as a guide in their relations with business partners and customers.

Why ALLTO SPORT? In more than two decades on the market, the company has supplied sports equipment to numerous stores, wholesalers, sports clubs, schools and other institutions. Its offerings include brands such as ALLRIGHT, PLIANT, FIRENZA, BUSHINDO and ALLTO CAMP, which have become synonymous with reliability and dependability in the world of sports. In addition to their own products, they are also the official distributor of the renowned Dutch company TUNTURI NEW B.V.

We are looking forward to the results of our cooperation and are confident that our experience in handling sales in foreign markets will allow ALLTO SPORT to grow even more and succeed on the international stage. Together we are creating the sports future!