Product localisation in cross-border sales

If you are planning to expand and sell internationally in countries, make sure you are prepared for it. Today, international expansion is one of the best ways to grow your business. There are huge opportunities for expansion and growth in the EU market alone, not to mention the huge Asian market.

Product localisation means adapting or modifying a product or service for a particular language, culture or region. Many confuse localisation with translation, but the truth is that translation is only one part of the process. For a new target audience to trust and buy your product, it must also adapt to the local culture and consumer experience. This includes using local address and date formats, displaying the correct currency and units of measurement, choosing the right colours and graphics, and much more.

Of course, don’t forget to communicate with customers in their native language – if you hire someone to translate your site, you may also need to hire someone to provide customer service in the local language as well. 

Remember that even if two countries speak the same language, there can be significant differences in spelling, grammar and word choice conventions. If you plan to open your site in the Latin American market, you need to take into account the subtle differences in dialects to avoid misunderstandings and not describe your product with a word that is offensive to one community. 

Does your company have a product that you would like to localize to new markets? Are you looking for a reliable partner to expand your business internationally? Contact us and our localisation experts will help you select the best solutions.