Livinhill on the Shumee platform

If you dream of creating an environment with the atmosphere of a sunny town somewhere in the south of Italy, France or Spain, we have great news for you! We have just launched a collaboration with the LivinHill brand, which specialises in creating furniture with a timeless character that is perfect for both flats and homes with spacious halls, conservatories and terraces, giving them an expression of a warm and peaceful place.

Livinhill features carefully selected collections of furniture and decorative items in French, Provençal or vintage styles, but also simple pieces with Scandinavian touches. The abundance and huge variety of choices offers sensational possibilities for the arrangement of home and bathroom spaces, but also for offices, restaurants or cafés. Gentle and very pleasing to the eye colours in the form of white, beige, grey and cream, carvings with floral motifs, fashionable rubbings characteristic of the shabby chic style give Livinhill furniture a unique character and customers a real joy of using it. The furniture is meticulously finished, usually hand-painted, very original in terms of design, details, ornamentation, and the beds or armchairs stand out for their elegance, quality and beauty, which will be appreciated by all lovers of lavender Provence.