EMIBIG on Shumee platform

Lighting is one of several key aspects of both room design in flats and homes, as well as commercial interior design. The correct positioning and number of lamps and the type of light emitted have a huge impact on shaping friendly environments at home and at work, places where we collectively spend most of our lives. We are happy to announce that we have launched the sale of unconventional lamps and luminaires.

EMIBIG is a lighting manufacturer with more than ten years’ experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of lighting equipment, and offers a wide range of products – you will find both designer and modern lighting for the home, office and many other facilities, as well as classics. Chandeliers, wall lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps, pendant lamps and ceiling lights – EMIBIG’s product range consists of several hundred lighting articles. As a well-established lamp manufacturer, they guarantee you the highest quality articles, ensuring that they brighten up your interiors beautifully.