Barbecook on the Shumee platform

Shumee is expanding online sales of Barbecook brand products. In 2019 Barbecook
became a private label of the Belgian kitchen accessories manufacturer LivWise.
The distribution of the grills covers more than 30 countries worldwide including Cyprus,
Estonia, Greece, Japan, Lebanon, Hungary, Malaysia, Cayman Islands, Malta, Spain.
Shumee is a modern foreign trade headquarters that enables manufacturers and
distributors to sell online in a cross-border model in 18 European markets through more
than 40 major marketplace platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alza, Mall, Kaufland, Allegro
and many others. Shumee offers an end-to-end technology, service and logistics solution
dedicated to manufacturers and distributors who want to start selling online on European
markets and reach millions of customers in a local cultural (multilingual) and business
context (local platforms and payment and delivery forms). Shumee provides support along
the entire e-commerce value chain and enables online sales to approximately 500 million
customers across Europe.
Within the shumee ecosystem, more than 2 million unique products from manufacturers
and distributors such as Pepco, BRW, Forte, Duka, Homla, Miloo, Beliani, Eurofirany or
TOP Secret are on regular sale in Europe.